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We can now offer a LiDAR Mapping Service by supplying 25 sq. km data tiles for a new low cost of £19.95.

These tiles are from the Government DEFRA survey data – but have been formatted to allow instant viewing (without the need for formating) and are supplied with a FREE software package, which allows you to change and manipulate the data as shown in our website and video channel on YouTube.

Sample of how the software looks on the PC – LiDAR Mapping Services

The software allows you ADD and alter the LiDAR data to show you features such as prehistoric water levels.

Data with added water – LiDAR Mapping Services

You can also fly around your interest area and record the images.

Fly Around the Area of Interest – LiDAR Mapping Services

You can even track a path across the terrain and fly over and record the flight.

The software package also offers you to increase the contrast of the data allow you yo enhance any surface features.

High Contrast Filter – LiDAR Mapping Services

And the scale of the terrain can also be exaggerated to discover HIDDEN FEATURES below the surface.

High scale and Contrast Filters – LiDAR Mapping Services

We offer you this FREE software which comes with full manuals and online tutorials fully working for 30 days – plus preformatted tiles (priced at £19.95 each) that are fully functional even after after the trial period is completed. Our LiDAR Mapping Service comes with a 30-day money back guarantee of COMPLETE satisfaction as our product is second to none!!

More examples of these maps are available on the home page of our website or on our video channel

For more information contact us via this form.

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