Prehistoric Britain Documentary on DVD


The most sensational and controversial book in the history of archaeology has now been turned into a THREE HOUR DVD Documentary – split into the chapters of the book, showing further illustrations and animations to accompany the book. Our history books tell us that 12,000 years ago, the last Ice Age finally melted away to reveal the Britain we know today. (Prehistoric Britain Documentary)


Britain had been under TWO MILES of ice and the seas that now surround us were frozen solid, leaving a huge mass of enormous weight pushing down on our tiny island. This mass had compressed the land so much that the surface sat some half a mile below the current sea level. SO WHAT REALLY HAPPENED AFTER THE ICE HAD MELTED?

In this DVD Robert John Langdon explores the probability that when the ice melted, rather than leaving the land mass we now know as Britain it did, in fact, leave a collection of smaller islands and peninsulas caused by river flooding as the ground water table had risen by just 30m higher than today, creating an aquatic tropical landscape.

Quite remarkably, this DVD shows that Stone Age Man survived the Ice Age and the great flood to go on to develop into a great maritime Civilisation – to date, this unknown society which lived in boats on the waterways and used them to construction our magnificent stone monuments, such as Stonehenge and Avebury that have lasted nearly 10,000 years.

Revisiting accepted Archaeological, Geological and Topological scientific findings Langdon has been able to write an astonishing hypothesis with compelling new proven evidence that not only rewrites our view of prehistoric Britain, but consequently, our view of the ancient world! This Lost Civilisation not only had the advanced engineering skills to build and sail boats, but moreover, was able to travel throughout Europe including the Mediterranean to trade goods.

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